Dining in the Dark is an experience like no other and is now available in West Palm Beach!

Somewhere Mellow, located in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, is home to the Mellow Munchiez Food truck and taking blind dates literally with this unique experience like no other.

This special event will bring your meal to a whole new level and is supported by psychologists as an “amplified” way to enjoy food. The concept of dark dining is to heighten the other senses and enhance the taste of the meal. Some people may find it as an exciting venture to try with a loved one or friend, while many use it as insight into how the blind experiences food.

The night begins with the guests interacting through a series of games that test all your senses and a fun social hour that is followed by a curated three-course meal. While blindfolded, you can expect to enjoy a delicious appetizer, a mouth-watering main dish, followed by a sweet dessert that will leave you craving MORE.

Woman dining in the dark in West Palm Beach

The blindfolds are provided to all guests with a glass of complimentary wine included in your ticket purchase.

Before arrival, visitors can list all allergies to ensure their safety, present their patient card for an infused experience, and pick an outline for their meals for the night.

Couple dining in the dark in West Palm Beach

Star, the owner of Somewhere Mellow, is tired of the lack of diversity in the events available in West Palm Beach. With this event and others that she plans to host, she wants to take experiences to the next level and provide her guests with memories that’ll last forever without having to drive to Miami. Her location has the views, the vibes, and perfect backdrops for the best selfies.

To know when the next Dining in the Dark is taking place, follow Somewhere Mellow for updates on future events!

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