Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success: Achieving the Life You Desire

How to achieve the lifestyle you desire

The men of Change in the Youth Media have cracked the code on the secrets to success and are giving it out for FREE in their latest podcast episode.

Change in the Youth Podcast

The goal is to win. Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to achieve the life you desire, let’s dive in.


As the Ciiity CEO and The Luxe Vlog explain in the podcast, in order to succeed you MUST fail. You can not be afraid to do so, here’s why.

Real success comes from failure. There is no one in the field they are in now, that got it right THE VERY FIRST TIME. No one-hit wonder, no viral video, and none of your favorite celebrities came from only doing something once. It came from them working hard and taking risks.

INVEST ( Master the Craft)

To master the craft, you have to dive all the way in and be hungry for knowledge. Study who’s currently dominating the field you’re interested in and learn from them or their failures. Save yourself some errors, learn from others’ mistakes, and then make your own! Sounds crazy, yes, but you’ve got to be willing to exhaust all options and invest.

That doesn’t mean buy a $5,000 camera to start your blogging with only $50 in the bank, they’re talking ENERGY. You have to invest your energy into your craft to have the drive to get to where you want. You have to feed off improving, growing, and learning. Seek tools, have YouTube learning days, or whatever you need to do to spend TIME perfecting what you do.


Secrets to success. You vs You visual

Be in tune with yourself because as Steve ( The Luxe Vlog) says “entrepreneurship is a battle between you vs you”. When you understand that concept, you’ll understand it all. No one is going to do it for you, no one is going to want it as bad as you do, and no one is going to make sure you are doing what needs to be done to get there. That’s on YOU. You have to cheer yourself on for the wins people won’t see, you have to pick yourself up after losses, and you have to do the work. However, you don’t have to do it alone.


NETWORKING is a critical part of your success. You can be as introverted and independent as you like but in this world, you need to be great at networking. We all know the majority of the time it’s not what you know but WHO you know and that’s just a fact. Do yourself a favor and get to know people! You can go to seminars, webinars, link-ups, or browse social media for others in your “community”. It’s not about making more “friends”, it’s about making connections with people that’ll put you in places that will bring you closer to where you want to be and choose these people wisely.


Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are but this is more like show me your circle and I’ll tell you where you’ll end up in life. One of our favorite secrets to success is having a great circle It does not matter how strong you are individual, if you are hanging around a bunch of weak people, unfortunately, you are weak as well. You have to be around others working as hard or twice as hard as you because you can and will literally feed off their energy. You don’t want to feed yourself negative energy by hanging with people that have no drive, no ambition, and nothing going for themselves and you also can’t save those people if you don’t get away to do so.


All the above, won’t matter one bit if you have no discipline. In order to succeed and achieve the life you desire, you have to have discipline. Discipline is what will keep you going when all else fails, it is the foundation to your success and you choose what you need to do over what you want to do. It will help you make the best of your time, make the best decisions and keep you grounded. Think of discipline as your root chakra, without it, you’re completely thrown off and with it, you are strong and unstoppable.

The secrets to success, begin and end with you. Tap into yourself, get in tune with your why, and put your all into everything you do. Life is not linear, there will be highs and lows, just want it bad enough to see it through.

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