West Palm Beach, FL – The Lockhart District is announcing two brand new series of 2022 as well as the
date and theme of their premier fashion experience at their Anniversary Soiree this Saturday, Feb. 12
from 6-8 PM at Grandview Public Marketplace. After their last major fashion experience in January 2021,
the Lockhart District expanded its services to focus on community events and booking its models with
major designers in Miami Swim Week. Now, they are streamlining these experiences to bring exposure to
local designers and educate local aspiring models on how to succeed in the fashion industry.

The Lockhart District modeling group
The Lockhart District modeling company

“We’re expanding this year,” said Alexis Lockhart, CEO, and Founder of The Lockhart District. “In the past,
we’ve done several major shows multiple times a year and that process helped us realize what the
community responds to most and more importantly what it needs. Now, we were able to finetune our
experiences to better give a platform to our designers and support our models. That’s what our series
Designer Dr. and Runway Rd. are all about.”

Designer Dr. is a series of experiential events highlighting one local designer and a non-profit on the first
Saturday of every other month starting March 5th at Grandview from 7 – 8 PM. The program beings with
open networking with hot light Hors D’oeuvres, a fashion presentation, choreographed runway and
closes with the non-profit and designer video presentations. The attire is after-hours cosmopolitan style.

Runway Rd. is a series of fashion workshops that teach the business of fashion on the first Saturday of
every other month starting April 2nd from 7 PM – 8 PM at Zero Empty Spaces in the legacy plaza of Palm
Beach Gardens. The program begins with open networking, followed by a 30-minute workshop from
experts in their field. Here, they also feature a non-profit to bring awareness and support to their cause.
They encourage models to showcase their model walk with reels and tag Lockhart District also for social
media marketing. The attire is an after-hours business professional.

About The Lockhart District:

Founded in 2018, The Lockhart District Modeling Agency began to serve as a space where people of all colors, shapes, and sizes can cultivate portfolios recognized by major fashion brands, and most importantly, inspire. A former model, Alexis Lockhart desired to equip models with tools of Leadership and Community Engagement, as well as runway, print, and commercial experience. Since its inception, several District Models have been invited to participate in New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. The District Models are led to be Leaders of light, guided by Mathew 5:14. With every picture, runway, or video, The Lockhart District’s purpose is to spread light.

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