About The Brand

Palm Beach Connects is a platform that highlights independent entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists within Palm Beach County.

There are so many talented, creative, and ambitious individuals that we often find ourselves working on the same missions without support from one another. Palm Beach Connects strives to change the narrative and connect the community and all it has to offer the culture.

In Palm Beach County there are so many different things to do, events to attend, and art to see.
We provide a platform where the voices of the hardworking underdogs can be heard, expose diverse lifestyles, and connect like-minded individuals.

We don’t alter the narrative for the best story, we give our readers the real story.

Behind the Brand

Meet Sabri Brown, the CEO of Palm Beach Connects

Sabri Brown photographed by Nigel Howard

My name is Sabri Brown and my goal is to connect the cities of Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach Connects came to me as an idea at a time where I felt Palm Beach County was at its worst. I had just graduated from William T. Dwyer High school and was beginning my college journey to become a Public Relations Specialist. My whole life was ahead of me but yet, I was facing death more often than many would in their entire lifetime. From the city losing a respected upcoming rapper to me losing one of my closest friends, I was tired of the violence stemming from disconnect and just wanted to see people come together.

The senseless killings in my perspective came about from lack of knowledge, lack of opportunity, and lack of exposure. When someone only knows one thing, it is very hard to be open or accepting of anything else.

I was inspired by the youth to show them a better way, present role models they could relate to, and share stories that could alter the way they view life.